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Splinterlands Finale Recap / Season 119


How are you doing fan of Hive gaming event?
I hope you are doing great.
Splinterlands season has concluded with a finale up to the expectations.
This article will show in detail the advantages of playing in both formats.





Match Report


Stat #Wild #Modern
Rank Gold #1037 Silver #254
Rating 2548 - Gold I 1739 - Silver I
Rating High 2566 1768
Ratio (Win/Loss) 1.08 (166/153) 0.72 (21/29)
Longest Streak 9 5

My performance in Wild remains the highest at the finale once again after fourteen days of competition.
All the greatest achievements during the past season appeared to be recorded in the Wild format.


Tournaments Report


Tournament League Editions Placement/#entrants Ratio (Win/Loss+Draw) Prize
Archipelago Modern Bronze Invitational Bronze Modern Open 111/181 0.83 (5/6/0) 3 SPS
Summun Infuria Modern Silver Invitational Silver Modern Open 181/189 0.00 (0/11/0) 4 SPS
Archipelago Modern Bronze Invitational Bronze Modern Open 140/180 0.38 (3/8/0) 2 SPS
Silvershield Academy Beginner Training Silver Modern Open 59/176 0.83 (10/12/0) 15 SPS
Scarred Hand Silver Cup Silver C 30/168 1.33 (12/9/0) 17.6 SPS
Warcaller’s I. C. Call to Arms - Bronze Bronze Modern Open 35/81 1.60 (8/5/0)  
Darastrix Modern Bronze Beginner Training Bronze Modern Open 96/191 1.20 (6/5/0) 4 SPS
#LLAC tournament 3rd Novice Wild Open 80/222 1.25 (5/4/0) 500 DEC
Scarred Hand Bronze Beginner Cup Bronze C 128/203 0.83 (5/6/0) 2.714 SPS


Reward Count Quantity
Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) 1 500
SplinterShards (SPS) 7 48.314
Custom Prizes 1 n/a
Fees (estimate) Quantity
SPS 465

I took the chance to enter many tournaments within the 14 days of fight in the arena.
It was not a bad move for my team. The results could be better in this section of the game. Nevertheless, I remain positive about the future


Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Rarity Quantity
Common 88
Rare 24
Epic 4
Legendary 0
Total Standard 116
Gold Foil Cards
Rarity Quantity
Common 9
Rare 0
Epic 0
Legendary 0
Total Gold 9

Loot Chests

Reward Chests Dailies Season Total 💲Token
Legendary Potions 47 0 47 🟡 1880
Alchemy Potions 17 70 87 🟡 4350
DEC 0 0 - 🟣 0
SPS 61.657 25.010 - ⭐ 86.667
Merits 356 448 - 🎀 804
CHAOS Packs 1 1 2 🟡 8000
Cards (Total) 63 62 125 -

Captured DEC/SPS (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play Wins DEC Earned
187 🟣 0 + ⭐83.318

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
🟣 0 DEC
🟡 14230 CREDITS
⭐ 169.985 SPS

I am glad that many tokens arrived in my wallet as rewards after the positioning at the end of the tournaments.
It is important to mention that the fee to enter the tournament compound quickly and sometimes outweighs the return of the prize.
The cards received after all the days of combat were well distributed between rare common and epic categories.
I was awarded gold cards too. Amazing rewards.
It is great to collect all my credit and SPS tokens after the season finale.

🟣 Rental Report

Type DEC
Revenue 5351.572
Expenses (inc. fees) (214.051)
Cancellation Refunds 0.000
NET 5137.521

The DEC token is gradually staking in my wallet with the main purpose of purchasing Splinterlands Warriors cards each time the prizes decrease low enough.
It is important to create this opportunity to earn passive income.


⭐ SPS Report

Type ⭐ Amount
Staking Rewards 177.352
Ranked Rewards as above 169.985
Brawl Rewards 53.114
Tower Defense 6.034
Liquidity Rewards 501.856
NET SPS 908.341
Voucher Drops 14.390 🎟️

I have made serious investments to allow my stake in SPS a steady increase every day. It is great a opportunity for me to place more tokens every time on the pair SPS - Voucher. I hope it will be more valuable in the near future in the game.

It was a very exciting season
I hope you had fun like me

Progression in the modern format was not as effective compared to the past season. The challenge is taken for the current season in the modern format.

40.304 SRY$0.00