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This river flows directly into the Bay of Bengal. It joins the Musapur Closure directly to the mouth of the Bay of Bengal. To the south is the Bay of Bengal. It is the largest ocean in Bangladesh.



Hello friends how are you all i hope you are all well I am also much better in your prayers and in the mercy of Allah and His Rasul Sallahualahi wasallam.

I will start my travel story today by wishing everyone a Happy Ramadan.

Today I will share with you where I went to travel a few days ago. And the name of that place is Musapur.

This place is located in the village of Char Elahi in South Kompaniganj, in fact it is a riverine village.

This river flows directly into the Bay of Bengal. It joins the Musapur Closure directly to the mouth of the Bay of Bengal. To the south is the Bay of Bengal. It is the largest ocean in Bangladesh.

I am one of my younger brothers and one of my uncles. The three of us set off for this trip. Then I took my bike out for a trip.Ritual I drive and the three of us on a motorcycle we enter that village.
First we put our motorcycle in a nice place then we set off for a trip to walking village.At the entrance, the first thing that can be seen is that some people are cutting the paddy and storing it through the machine.

There both men and women work together. They don't have conflicts, they like to work hand in hand.

Talking to some people there, it was learned that they did not get good paddy in the last paddy season which is why they got good paddy in Eri paddy season outside the paddy season.

Then we left to talk to another place. In fact, it is a river area. I saw a boat standing there and could not go because the current of the water came down from there. The water has gone down but the boat still exists there. The people there move around in boats.

Then I went a little further from there and saw a place where the edge of the pond looks like a pond and there are trees on all four sides and there is some water and the shadow of the tree is reflected in the water.
And the background in the back, it looks like it blended in with the background of the river, so I took a photo from there.

Although the other two of us photographers had to take them too they made them like me I took some photos like me to review the village.

I went a little farther and saw that some boats had come and frozen there, and I couldn't go from there. And when the tide comes in, they will go away again with that victory. For now, they are sitting there.

Then when we move from there to the other side we see that a tree is submerged in water only its head can be seen through the water.

In this situation I took a picture and the reflection in the color of the sky looked different when it fell into the water so I took a photo from there.

Walking in front of us, we saw broken roads in some places, the soils of the roads were falling into the river, in such a condition that they started moving, the soils of the roads were washed away by the tidal waters.

Some more pictures of Musapur I shared with the blog in this post you will hopefully like.

We walked around the whole village for about two to three hours and after we visited we left again for our home.

Although many tourists go there to visit the village because it is very nice to see riverine villages in riverine countries.

Then we left and came back to Butterk preview and selected some of the best photos from the one that was used.

Let's go through that flower guide, a small guide on how to get there will tell you how to get around that Musapur village. Or go on a trip.

First of all you have to come to Feni district of Bangladesh to go to that Muzaffar village. The district is located between Chittagong and Dhaka.The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka and the small town is Chittagong. Feni district is between the two capitals.
After coming to Feni, you have to take a bus or car or CNG to Basurhat Bazar.After coming to Basurhat, you have to get off the bus from there and take CNG or any car to go directly to Musafir village.

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