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The Diary Game : - 9.1.2020 Season -3




The Diary Game : - 9.1.2020 Season -3.

(Casual Day )

Hello friends how are you all?Hope you all well i am also well by the grace of almighty ALLAH.

I just going to share my activity of the day that how was going on my day with #thediarygame




"My diary of 9-1-2020"


After waking up this morning, at first i went to the washroom to brush my teeth, brushed my teeth and freshened up and went back to the room from the washroom.

I came to the room and got ready to go to the Eid a Azam program then I left the room to have breakfast and after breakfast I went to the Direct our meeting center from there.

It was big program for us we celibrate the program each year.We arrange a Community hall for the hall program after hall program we make a rally which we call "Joshna Julush".

Then after End of program we left the place and hall we came back to our own area and home.Then i entre in my room and play some music after open computer.

After few time I go to the pond to take a bath to take shower and after taking a bath I go back to the room.

Then when my mother calls me for lunch then I go for lunch and after lunch I come to the room and take rest.

Then at the end of the rest, when it was 4.38 o'clock in the afternoon, then we went for a walk towards the farm house in the afternoon. That's when we came back to the area of ​​our house.

Then I told my mother that give me a cup of tea with a little lemon, she made red tea with lemon, I played and listened to music on the computer for a while and when I listened to the song, I didn't think I would see a picture even when it was dinner time.

Then I went to the kitchen room for dinner and after dinner I came to my room and after watching the computer drama I turned off the computer and started playing games on my mobile.

When I feel like it's time to go to sleep playing games, I charge the phone and fall asleep and that's what I did today.

Thanks for reading my post
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Best Regards @nevlu123 And Special Thanks to All Friends who are supporting this Post.

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