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Not everything can be judged by emotion.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
 I hope all of you are well, I am well by the grace of Allah, so friends, I will talk to you emotionally, that is, everything cannot be judged by emotions. To prove yourself, some of your work, some reflection of yourself is enough. In that case emotion can be said to be the source of feeling. Physically speaking, emotions are the internal changes in the body caused by smooth muscles and various glands

 When you treat people well, people will treat you well. Collectively, the part of consciousness that is directly related to feelings or sensibility is called emotion. The relation of emotion to a particular state of mind. As a result of responding to some stimulus, our body creates a special reaction or arousal.

 Your honor is your everything. As a result, we feel and express various experiences like crying, laughing, sadness, anger etc. Emotion is the overall and disturbed state of feeling. Excitement, fear, surprise, anger, all emotions are closely related to the feelings of the mind and its physical manifestations.

 Emotion refers to the special state of mind in anger, violence, joy etc. The main characteristic of emotion is excitement. But you can't be excited all the time, and even if some anger is not suspended, it will not work. By making yourself the right person in the right place. Then your life will be beautiful. Rabindra will be fine in today's match God Hafez will be healthy.
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