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A few words about Shapla flower and some of its photography.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
 Hope all friends are well. By the grace of God, friends, I will talk to you today about the national flower of Bangladesh, Shapla flower. I will present to you the photography of so many Shapla flowers and some of its descriptions. Listen guys let's start soon.

 Actually everyone likes Shapla flower. White beetroot is an Asian species. They are submerged in water in the stems and roots of non-aerial plants. The leaves are partially submerged. Then the current demand of Shapla flowers in Bangladesh is huge but these Shapla flowers are not available in large quantities.

 The upper side of the leaf is green and the lower side is darker in color. Their size is 22-23 cm. and span 0.9 to 1.8 m. The trees are bright green. Shapla flowers come in many different shapes and sizes. Among these, the largest variety is Shapla, which is found in deep water.

 Flowers small, 7-10 cm wide, petals many, petals narrow and pointed. Light blue and fragrant. So actually Shapla flower is very beautiful and is a favorite flower of everyone. I am also very fond of flowers Shapla. Until Shapla full match everyone will be fine God Hafez will be healthy.
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