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Some words about the beautiful afternoon and some photography of the afternoon.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
 Hope friends are all well I am fine by God's grace so friends I will talk to you in the afternoon sun sky will talk to you. After a busy day comes a beautiful afternoon. The sweetness of a golden afternoon lingers in my mind. Imaginative poets therefore rejoiced in the joy of creation and poetic expressions related to the evening became colorful in their writings.

 But everyone likes the beautiful sky in the afternoon and it is a very beautiful time. There is no moon tonight
 stay with you
 Today the morning birds are singing
 Sing to your tune
 Windy today at noon
 Let's float with you
 This afternoon sun
 love you
 In fact, what else can I say to you about these quotes? In fact, these quotes will be beautiful and liked by everyone.

 But everyone's wish is to be beautiful in life. I don't need anything to beautify my life, just a beautiful mind is enough.
 Life is my simple and calm river, no matter how much I tie it, the rope is broken by the pain. At the end of the day, draw a picture of a gray cloud. So friends, as of today, until now, everyone will be fine, may God Hafez be healthy.
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