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Some great photography at night.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
 Hope all are well friends I am well by the grace of Allah Taala. I will talk to you today about some night photography. Let's get started friends. Night or night is the part of time that begins after the sun sets parallel to the horizon. Night announces its arrival to the world through twilight lagna or ist dark. Actually night is a very beautiful time and everyone will enjoy this time.

 Day is the opposite of night. The beginning and end of the night depend on certain factors. Among them - Seasons, Latitude, Longitude, Timeline are one of them. At certain times when a part of our beloved planet earth is illuminated by sunlight, it is considered as a day. But for some people night is better and for some people day is better.

 In other parts of the world, the light is blocked or blocked as a shadow from the sun. We simply call this cover the darkness of the night or the night. On average, the duration of the night is shorter than that of the day. With a night like today, until now everyone will be fine, God Hafez will be healthy.
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