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Duck or chicken eggs are more beneficial


Eggs are an easily available food that is rich in multiple nutrients. Nutritionists recommend consuming it regularly to meet nutritional needs. But which egg will you choose to eat regularly, duck or chicken eggs?


Eggs contain various nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carotenoids, lutein, zeaxanthin. So from children to the elderly, all ages can eat eggs.

But now the price of eggs is high in the market. Do you know which egg you will benefit from eating in this situation? Be sure to keep in mind when eating eggs, whether you are profiting from eggs bought from the market or not? Are the eggs you bought not artificially enlarged? Or will the egg yolk you buy be dark orange?

The reason for saying this is that nutritionists say that all the nutrition that you are eating eggs will fail if the egg is artificially enlarged and the egg yolk is not dark orange in color.
Another thing is, which eggs to buy from the market to eat? Experts say that it is wise to eat duck eggs instead of buying chicken eggs. Because duck eggs are naturally larger in size than chicken eggs. Due to the large size, the egg yolk of the duck is also large.
Many people think that duck eggs tend to increase cholesterol. But this idea is completely wrong. World-renowned nutritionist Miho Hatanaka says, 2 duck eggs are equal to 3 chicken eggs.
Apart from that, duck eggs contain more albumin. Duck eggs are also high in fat, omega three, and protein. 
By eating duck eggs regularly, new blood cells are formed in the blood. Duck eggs also help in DNA synthesis and healthy nervous system formation. Besides keeping the heart healthy, duck eggs can reduce the risk of cancer.

Studies have shown that duck eggs are an ideal food for maintaining good eye health, increasing skin brightness and immunity, strengthening muscles and even increasing blood pressure quickly.
So you think which egg will be more beneficial to your body? Find out today with the advice of a nutritionist. And include nutritious duck eggs in individual diet.

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