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The mistake of the parents becomes a curse for the child


Being a parent is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. When the mother hugs the newly born baby or the father takes it in his arms, then he promises in his heart that he will keep it like this for the rest of his life. Grow up as a good person. Stay together as friends.


The qualities of bringing up children should be naturally acquired by parents. But parents themselves change the life of the child directly or indirectly by making some small mistakes while raising the child.

Know what you do as a parent will have a negative impact on your relationship with your child and your child's life -

Unlimited love

No one loves a child like a parent. As this is as true as daylight, this love can become darkness for the child. When a child's wrongdoing is condoned out of love, it does the child no good but harm. Due to excessive affection, if the child is not given proper education, the child's life will not develop.

Strict rule

Many parents think that if they love their child, it cannot be expressed. If revealed, the child will think weak, will be indulged. For this, he disciplined the child all day long, verbally bullying, scolding and even slapping him. Ruling in this way also has a negative impact on the child's life. Such discipline creates distance with the child. Parents become enemies of children instead of friends.

The pressure of expectation

Parents have many expectations from their children. That expectation comes from society or parents' past lives. For example: Imposing one's own incomplete dreams on the child or forcing them to obey the rules of society and family. This pressure creates a conflict in the child. These expectations hinder the expression of the child's own personality.

Study pressure

In the era of competition, parents stress their children to study extra to keep them ahead. It may seem that what you are doing is for the good of the child. Many people are sitting on the reading table all the time instead of playing and going around. If you get 99 instead of 100 in the test, you tell your child many things. These pressures are reversed. The child loses interest in studies and wants to be independent without pressure. For which he got involved in various misdeeds.

Not comparison, need encouragement

Comparison begins with expectations. Children are belittled by comparisons such as 'He can do it, why can't you', 'He is going, why can't you go', 'So-and-so is doing this, why can't you do anything?' Anger arises in the child. Thus he is not a worthy child of his parents. Which is very harmful for the child's mental health. So if you encourage small and big work without comparison, if the child is satisfied with the work, the child will develop as a human being.

Mental care surpasses physical care

If the child's body is hot, the parents become restless; But if the child is in pain, if they are quiet, if they are angry, they do not have such a headache. The mistake is that, just as the child's physical suffering is seen, the mental turmoil is not seen. Mental health is most important now. Therefore, it is not the fault of the parents in this case, awareness is desirable.

Not a dispute in front of the child

Arguing in front of the child and giving negative comments to each other is unknowingly teaching the child negativity. Many people stop talking themselves and use the child as a medium. The negative effects of these actions will be reflected in the child's behavior one day or the other.

Being a parent seems easy but the work is challenging. A child should be carefully nurtured for many years with love, discipline, and understanding. If raised well, then the child will manage his own life.

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