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Golden Autumn Poetry Competition "Outline of the future"




Outline of the future

We want houses of dust
We want a hand-to-hand family
We got everything crossed
We got the card gamehouse

We want a chest like the sky
Keep the yolk as needed
We got tired faces
To die and live in the name of life

We want green paddy fields
Joint farm houses in villages
We got Folidol, Abdominal
Politics is epidemic in the name of vote

We want government jobs
Father's illness, elder sister at home
I have changed Ghatibati sale
We have hunger strike to death

We want to walk in the procession
Love will break the barricades on the streets
We've got the inevitable complications
Miscalculation is the problem of life

We want the story to be written
Let all demands be raised in the poem
We got grief in the name of festival
Headless flattering poet-intellectual

We will break the ruler's black hand
We will outline the future
We will build barricades hand in hand
I will meet you on the way

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