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New books on the first day


muktadir The last month of the outgoing year was the election festival and a glorious period of victory. In this month of Victory Day, the joy and joy of the whole country became fascinated with the spirit of liberation war. And in the month of December 2015, in the election air, from the common people to the political leadership, even the responsible officials and the employees employed in the responsible organization spent a lot of time in the responsibility of nation and nation. And therefore, no action plan was stagnant in the continuation of the development of the present government. In the same way, on the first day of the new year, the authorities have ensured all the arrangements for reaching the hands of books made for 2.5 million students. There are many cadres and teenage students waiting for this momentous moment of book festival. The holy courtyard of the concerned school of the country also became fascinated by the hand of new books. The stage of the festival of child-adolescents in Calcutta, the joy is truly unparalleled. Whether or not the time span of the larger action plan of the government is visible, this day of handwriting is usually not done. Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid inaugurated this grand ceremony of textbook festival on Azimpur Government Girls' High School and College ground in the capital on 1 January. In the total textbook, books are printed and distributed in different categories including pre-primary, primary, secondary, minor ethnic groups, technical education, vocational level. NCTB chairman Professor Narayan Chandra Saha said that the overall management of the book is satisfactory as well as printing and quality of textbooks. According to the publication of the book, both local and foreign organizations were active, according to the officials concerned. However, most non-formal book work has been done by foreign companies. Because they can offer good quality books at a relatively low price, at a limited time. However, the local institutions are not too lax to play a vital role in the supply of books. Apart from this, the pricing of the local organization is a bit too much as they are facing the competition. Even then, the publishing houses of the book are doing their duties well. Every year, this new book distribution festive reception of students is a delight. In hopes that they keep waiting for the end of the year ending. A waiting time is over. Small children and teenagers get their hopes in new books. Celebrating joy and festivities welcomes the coming year. Prepare yourself how to prepare yourself year after year with proper knowledge. Thus, the younger generations of the time are determined to advance the future plan in a new set of goals. New year begins with a book festival in hand. Banyan childhood-teenage and new youth of energetic youth.
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