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The way smartphone can get rid of 'addiction' hands


muktadir The smartphone has occupied a lot of our lives. There are social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, now there are online portal with them. Besides their good side, there is also the loss side. For this reason many experts are advised to use smartphones to control it. But to overcome this addiction is not so easy. However, keeping some of the methods, it is possible to get rid of this addiction on the smartphone. Let's know those methods- ### Notification off As far as possible the app's notifications should be discontinued. It will stop regular notifications coming to your screen. As a result, you can check the notification if the notification is entered on the phone. The phone will not continue anymore. ### Keep the phone off Phone should be closed for certain times of the day. Especially during the night when you are going to sleep, you have to choose some other time, especially when the phone will not be used. Maybe it's time to eat or study. ### Handheld use The phone is not just for talking, but also the time to look at the time. But when you have to look at the phone to look at the time, there may be a notification in sight. And many people started using the phone while watching the notification. The only way to survive is to use the watch-wrist watch. In this, the eyes of the phone will be less. ### Unnecessary app rejected If you keep the phone in the phone, there will be unnecessary additional notification. Many apps, which do not work in any way, can not cope with the temptation to use those apps, many times are lost. So these should be omitted. ### Old phone If you use an old phone, you can get rid of calling and messaging. But the work done on the smartphone can be taken on desktops or laptops. It is possible to survive a lot from smartphones. ### Alarm clock Many people have the habit of alarming in the morning to wake up at the smartphone. It started in the morning and saw the first look of the phone. As a result, this phone is behind the phone. Easy way to get rid of it, buy an alarm clock. ### White-black screen Most phones have a grayscale or sophisticated display mood. If you have a white-black display on your smartphone - it will reduce the focus on the smartphone. As a result, the dependence on the phone will be reduced.
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