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Top five highest wicket-taker in Indian premier league



![1553328943_top_5.png]( [source]( Indian premier league is popular all over the world and it is broadcasted at every country except Pakistan. The reason behind it is that India banned to watch PSL. In Indian premier league, every team able to play 4 overseas players in a team and so overseas player had a great role in IPL. Moreover, due to IPL, many youngsters had a chance to play for the national team and so they give their high-level skills and have a good run with a Bat or takes a wicket with the ball. So, in this blog, I will tell about the highest wicket-taker around all the season. ![1553328979_cricket-rsa-sri_4cc7b0ec-4d1b-11e9-bf2d-62d340f7f10c.jpg]( [source]( ### 1. Lasith Malinga He is playing for Mumbai Indian from the first season and still, he is playing for the same team. In IPL season he had taken 154 wickets in 110 matches he played in the entire Indian premier league. His best figure in IPL is taking 5 wickets in just giving 13 runs. The economic rate is also less than 7 per over which shows that he is one of the T-20 bowler specialists. Apart from this, he plays for Sri Lanka as a national team. ![1553329030_dc-Cover-cgac7t839uh8gjfhkmi1avj642-20190223023600.Medi.jpeg]( [source]( ### 2. Amit Mishra In this, he will be playing for Delhi capital. In the previous 10 seasons, he was playing for sunrises Hyderabad and Delhi Daredevils. He had taken 146 wickets in 136 matches. Apart from this, he had a hat-tricks record in his name in the Indian premier league. His best figure throughout the entire season is taking 5 wickets with conceding 17 runs in his spell. Be had an economy rate with slightly greater than 7. ![1553329063_Piyusg_Chawla_BCCI.png]( [source]( ### 3. Piyush Chawla he had been playing for king ll Punjab and Kolkata knights riders in his career. In current season he will be playing for Kolkata knights rider. He played 144 matches in his IPL history and he took 140 wickets. In 2014 IPL final he hit a winning Boundary in the last ball to give a team victory. He had a figure of 14-4 in the Indian premier league. Currently, Piyush Chawla is one type of All-rounder as he took wickets and hit runs when the team is needed for help. ![1553329085_236637.3.jpg]( [source]( ### 4. Dwayne Bravo In the national team, Dwayne Bravo is playing for west indies. In his entire carrier, he played various league and tournament. He is playing now for Chennai super kings. Before that, he plays for Mumbai Indians and Gujarat lions. In the 122 matches, he took 134 wickets in the entire season. By giving 22 runs and taking 4 wickets is the best for Dwayne Bravo in his entire account. ![1553329114_5c6be1bbe0479.jpg]( [source]( ### 5. Harbhajan Singh In the previous season Harbhajan Singh was playing for Mumbai Indians and now they are cutting down Trees to Bukit large reservoir. In IPL 12 he is playing for Chennai super kings. Harbhajan Singh takes 134 wickets in the 149 matches. He had cross 500 wickets in international cricket. His best figure in the Indian premier league is taking 4 wickets in giving 17 runs. The economy rate is slightly high in comparison with others. **If you have to say something about this post, please write in the comment box. Please support me to keep having more of my good works and you can follow me, so that see my future posts and you're always welcome to my blog.** #### Quote - "Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough". Author- Og Mandino ## With Regards @muchukunda The original content is [here](
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