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My dream11 from the World Cup 2019



![dream11-1200x600.jpg]( [source]( Hello guys, some friends today I will like to tell you about my dream 11 of World Cup 2019. Yeah I will pick some of the players which were very great at the world cup and I will pick them in order and I will try to make my dream 11. Basically nowadays it is a trend that every famous commentator who is there playing 11 so I thought I should make blog regarding it and I should make some of my thinking as I have done so many predictions and preview as well as reviews of World Cup 2019 so I should pick some of the best players in the world. So let's start with an opening order like to put Rohit Sharma as well as Jonny Bairstow in my opening pair. So this opening pair is fixed for me. Then after one down, I will select to Virat Kohli as a third position. However, the 4th position I would like to give is Morgan. These are the best 4 top for openers for the selection of World Cup if taken for my dream 11. More on the fifth position I would like to put as Hardik Pandya. Who can play an effective inning at a v position I have seen a couple of times. Show at vi positions I would like to put as Ben Stokes. Probably this to finisher will keep my dream11 stronger. Then in the bowling attack, I would like to pick Jasprit Burmah, Yuzvendra Chahal, bolt, Ferguson, as well as Tim Southee. So you can make you dream11 in the comment section. I would be happy to see that. #### Quote - "Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough". Author- Og Mandino ## With Regards @muchukunda
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