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Let's talk about the updated point table



![word-cup-point-table.jpg]( [source]( Hello, my dear friends let's talk about the point table of ICC cricket world cup 2019. basically now after updating today's match India has lost the match so there is no anything that will be changed in after this match because England are already the 4th position and India is at second position and their most secure with 11 points now the scenario will be with New Zealand if they win the match they will be at the second position so this will be the scenario after the match against New Zealand and England . With this updated point table would like to say that Pakistan and Bangladesh are already out of the tournament if they will not complete the match in less than 20 or 25 overs there will be a margin given to them there will be a marking scheme 12 times so that they can complete the run order can change the run in this area so if you feel out of it then they will be out of the tournament. Most probably England will be qualified because they are sitting at Hyatt hundred in + 1.05 in this is not a big thing for any team that if we are chasing more than 300 or 400 runs on more than 350 runs then they might change in 15 to 20 hours and it is impossible out of the next level to do it. not talking more about it I am giving my final result that team India team Australia and team England and team New Zealand are in semifinal round now the matter to think about is which team will be sitting at which position because if New Zealand wins the match they will be a second position and if India wins the match against Sri Lanka then they will be at a second position so the thing is to see that what is the senior going to happen because it will be matter in the semi-finals round. #### Quote - "Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough". Author- Og Mandino ## With Regards @muchukunda
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