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Village life of pakistan.

In Vllages people are very simple. The story begins now. 

See below pictures and imagine how they are living.

People work all the day in fields, they work very hard to grow different types of vegetables and fruits. They grew these vegetables and then brought to city and sale in market. But unfortunately he dis not get the real price of its hard working.

In this picture a Farmer is harvesting strawberries fruit. In pakistan this fruit is very popular and people are earning handsome income from harvesting this fruit. Juice of this fruit is very delicious and very popular here in my area.

Tobacco is one of the famous thing in pakistani villages. It is cultivated in different areas of pakostan but mostly it is cultivated in punjab and sindh. you can see farming of Tobacco.

Sugar Can is also very popular in pakistani villages. people grow sugar cane and they made Gur from sugar cane juice. Sugar is also ptoduced from sugar cane. Mostly it is cultivated in punjab and southern punjab. 

Making Gur balls from sugar cane juice boiled in a big bowl. This process is very famous here in pakistani villages. Here are some pictures of its process.

In villages life is very simple. People get up early in the morning. After prayer they went to their fields and spent their whole day in fields. They breath in fresh air and eat fresh and healthy vegetables. I spent my childhood in village. I still remember my village days and I can not forget my days which I spent in village. Jere are some photos which may describe you about village life.

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