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Tension is dangerous for you.

Hello world today I am going to write about tension and depression. As everybody in this busy life has some kind of tension in his life. But here I am going to post some tips how to release your tension.

Tension is very dangerous for your health both mentally and physically too. Depression is the next form of tension. Tension produced due to any kind of fear any kind of emotional tradegy.

If someone who involved in any kind of tragedy and he dont treated very well by his family just go to depression. When someone got deoressed then he might went to sucide.

Here are some tips which might help you during tension.

When you feel any kind of tension just go outside, took long breath.

Walk on grass. Take long steps

Sit alone and try to take long breath and while breathing just relax your mind. Try to throw out your tensions through your breath.

Always think you born only once and you have only one chance to live in this world. So spent your life happily. Tensions are also a part of life but on the other hand there are lot of hidden happiness in this world too. You have to search these kind of happiness and hunt them.

Always think positive and dont let your worries to control you.

Try to enjoy little happiness and believe me when you start happy with little happiness then bigger happiness will also.come to you.

Try to give happiness to othere and happiness will surely come back to you.

Go outside and watch the nature. Look beautiful nature is waiting for you.

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Have a very nice weekend

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