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Salt Decoration Stuff.


Salt and its usage 

Hello Friends today I am going to share with you about Salt decoration piece. As I belongs to pakistan which is very famous due to extra stocks of salt.  We have many mines  of salt here in pakistan which is called Khayora mines.  I personally visited this mine in year 2017. It is such a beautiful place. Here engineers built Salt Masjid inside the mine and also other things too. This salt being exported to many countries of the world. Lamp made by salt is very famous in pakistan and also in all around the world. Here in my country many decoration stuff is also made through the salt. This lamp is made by pure and raw salt which is mined from Pakistani mines.


It is made in different shape and in different designs. This lamp looks so cute in the night and its lights cure in many diseases . When you switched on this lamp at night you feel a very good feelings and also very nice smell. 









Many workers are doing this kind of business in pakistan. But they did not get their reward. Big companies buy in cheap rates and sell in high rates in other countries. I personally have Salt Lamp in my room and I always enjoyed its light almost everyday. If Govt take intyerest in this profession the my country can earn a huge amount in this business because salt is being very cheap in my country rather than its neighbors. we can prepare different type of show pieces in very cheap rates and can export to other countries.

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