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Permission for foreign students to work in Canada.



Canada, a developed country in North America, is going to allow foreign students to work anew. 
Applications will be accepted from January 26 under the new work permit program.
The application will continue till July 28. This information was reported by CIC News of the country. Where it is said, the government of the country wants to keep foreign students in Canada permanently.
Because the country fills the labor shortage with immigrants.
But the Corona epidemic has reduced the number of foreign students going to study in Canada. To overcome this shortfall,
the country's immigration minister, Marco Mendisino, has announced a number of policies. He said many of those who have completed their studies are in trouble for various reasons, including Corona.
Many post-graduate students have already completed their work. Some are on the verge of ending.
These students and alumni will be able to apply for new jobs. They will be allowed to stay in Canada for another 18 months to find a new job.

Thousands of Canadian students' work permits expired last year. Half of them have chosen this path. 
Thousands of foreign students whose work permits have expired or are about to expire will benefit from the new policy.
To foreign students, the immigration minister added, "Not only study in this country, we want you to stay in this country as well." Foreign students contribute ২১ 21 billion a year to the Canadian economy.
They are contributing to the Canadian economy by adding new jobs. After completing their studies in Canada in 2019,
56,000 foreign students applied for permanent residency.
Many of them have got jobs. And for those who have not received or run out, the government is going to allow this new work.

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