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Farmers of Syedpur are busy cultivating winter vegetables.


Farmers are now sowing and tending winter vegetable 
seedlings in the land in the hope of earning more money by selling them in the market at the beginning of winter.
 Potato, radish, eggplant, cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, potato, red spinach, spinach, 
spinach and gourd are being cultivated in all these areas. However, 
cauliflower and cabbage have been cultivated more in Botlagari Union this year. 
Due to the good quality of vegetables, there is a good demand for new vegetables in the 
retail market as well as in the wholesale market.

Winter is yet to come. 
The weather is giving advance message of winter. 

Meanwhile, farmers have started cultivating winter vegetables in 5 unions of Syedpur upazila.

In this upazila, the farmers get good price by selling the vegetables produced in advance in the market every year.

So they became interested in planting vegetables in advance. 
As a result, the farmers of 5 unions of the upazila 
are busy in cultivating winter vegetables.


It is learned that farmers of different villages including Porar Hat, North Sonakhuli, 

Kamarpukur and Bangalipur of Botlagari Union of the upazila are busy in cultivating winter 
The farmers of the area said that they are inclined to cultivate winter vegetables
as compared to other crops.



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