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A Claim Doll With White Hair in My Factory.


Hello friends how are you all Hope everybody is doing well. I'm fine too. Friend I work in a fake hair factory. The name of this factory is Evergreen. This factory operates in China.Here many sizes and many types of hair are made. This hair is photographed on the head of a dubby doll. The image you see on my blog is of a dubby doll's head. The doll has white hair on her head and the pictures are being compared.



We express the color of these fake hairs by different codes. Such as this hair color is white. The white hair code is #w010.


This way all the color codes are there. By this code we consider colors. I took pictures with this hair today. We send these pictures to the client via email. These hairs are very expensive and there is a lot of demand for these hairs abroad.


Thanks for coming to my blog. If you come to my blog regularly then you will get some fake hair ideas. Because from now on I will create some blogs about my factory hair.Then you will gain some knowledge about fake hair.


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