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A Big bad News About Corona Vaccine.



Hello Everyone. Your Friend mspbro is back with anather blog and new.People who have been vaccinated can also get coronary heart disease, the UK's chief medical officer has warned. He made the warning in an article in the Sunday Telegraph.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam claims that scientists have not yet learned about the effects of vaccines on infections. The vaccine is promising, but the level of infection must be reduced quickly. He said no vaccine is 100% effective, so there is no guarantee of safety.

Jonathan Van-Tam said there is a possibility of being infected with the virus within two to three weeks of receiving the vaccine. Adults need at least three weeks to develop immunity.


"Even after taking two doses of the vaccine, you can still infect others with Covid-19, and the infection can continue," he said.

A person associated with the Corona Immunization Coordination in Israel said last week that a single dose of Pfizer vaccine may not be as effective as it has been said.

Israel is one of the few countries in the world to receive the most corona vaccines. That's why scientists are keeping a close eye on the information that Israel is releasing about the effectiveness of the vaccine.

The country's health minister, Yuli Edilstein, said some people had fallen ill after receiving the first dose of corona. However, there are some encouraging signs of a decrease in the severity of the disease.


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