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Why You Must Buy a Bitcoin Right Now, Here Are the Terms!


![Harus-Membeli-Bitcoin-Sekarang-Juga.jpg]( Buying Bitcoin Now - After months of Bitcoin losing its value, and especially after the market fell in mid-November, traders and investors began to wonder whether this coin is still valuable in the future ?. Although the situation is not very encouraging at the moment, there are many who believe that now is the best time to buy Bitcoin. There are a number of reasons that are very supportive, and we will now explain the three that are most interesting to you. ## 1. Resolve scaling problems Bitcoin has become the number one coin in terms of value and size of its market capitalization for a decade until now. During that time, he has proven to be very reliable, but there are also shortcomings that are known to be the last way the blockchain works and has now been fixed. Of course, this is not the end of the design problem, and scalability has always been one of the biggest. Bitcoin can only handle multiple transactions per second, which has been a problem since. Even though there are lots of coins out there made with the aim of solving this problem, the BTC developers also don't want to be outdone by the others. So, they also present Lightning Network, which has the potential to be the perfect way to get through the problems it faces. In short, Lightning Network provides another layer to the BTC blockchain, where users can build tunnels between each other, and use these tunnels to send countless transactions that do not have to be processed and recorded on the blockchain. Only after the tunnel is closed, the final state of things will be solved, which can reduce the number of transactions exponentially. Furthermore, LN will function as a tunnel network, which means that, after enough of them, there is no need for everyone to make a direct connection to another party. The solution is more than enough, quite imaginative, and very practical. The best part is that it can solve one of Bitcoin's biggest problems, and it will come true. ## 2. Institutional money will soon enter The crypto room suffered a very significant problem, namely the lack of institutional investors. These are the biggest investors out there, and they have enough money to bring stability to the crypto market. However, they are troubled by issues such as regulatory uncertainty, cyber attacks and theft, as well as real use cases of cryptocurrency. To help them overcome this problem, there are a number of events that are expected to occur in early 2019, such as the Bakkt exchange launch - supported by highly influential names such as Microsoft, Starbucks and others. And the potential approval of Bitcoin ETFs by the US SEC. Both of these events should have happened but were postponed due to a bearish market, and all market accidents. However, once they succeed, it is likely that at the beginning of 2019, institutions are expected to start making their first steps to enter the crypto room. Thus, the price of Bitcoin is likely to rise again, slowly at first, but much faster later. ## 3. Bitcoin is the spearhead for mass adoption Bitcoin has become the biggest name associated with the term "cryptocurrency" for several reasons, like the oldest, largest, most valuable, and still exists today, this must be said to be the coolest cryptocurrency ever. Thus, Bitcoin is the main coin in an exchange transaction, and in online stores that accept crypto. Bitcoin is a coin that is known and respected throughout the world, and coins that have become crypto market leaders. Because this is how Bitcoin will not just disappear, because it is too connected and is needed to run the market. While this situation may change in the future, it will likely remain the same for years, if not the next few decades. For this and other reasons, investors use the opportunity to buy the most expensive coins from the crypto market at low prices. If the history of BTC can repeat itself, the coin will return to its highest position even more than before, and it could have recorded a new history for the crypto world, and would be a good example for other crypto in the market today.
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