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Celebration of the Birthday of the NABI in the Aceh Tradition


The Birthday Celebration of the NABI in Aceh called Kenduri Maulod is a celebration commemorating the birthday of the Great Prophet Muhammad SAW or in Aceh called commemorating the birth of Pang Ulee Alam (the prince of Nature). Keunduri Maulod has become a tradition in the people of Aceh. Even the biggest compared to other traditions in Aceh. the biggest. ![IMG20181120114627.jpg]( In the Aceh calendar, there are three consecutive months called the maulod month, namely the beginning of the Rabiul Awal called Maulod Awai (Early Birthday) which starts from the 12th of the Early Rabiul until the end of the month of Rabiul Awal. Whereas Kenduri Maulid, which was held in the last Rabiul month was called Maulod Teungoh (Middle Mawlid) which began from the 1st of the month of Rabiul Akhir to the end of the month of the Final Rabiul. Furthermore, Kenduri Maulid in the Early Jumadil month was called Maulod Akhee (Late Maulid) which was held throughout the month of Jumadil Awal. ![IMG20181120114417.jpg]( Slaughtering cows or buffaloes to tens of tails depends on the level. Sometimes at the village level there are only two or three cattle or buffaloes being slaughtered. There is an adage in the Acehnese community which mentions: Hana changed the form of the son of nyan kon maulod. (no slaughter of animals is not called maulid celebration). Therefore, there are those who insinuate, the maulod months in Aceh are the months of improvement in nutrition ![IMG20181120114409.jpg]( In Aceh Besar and its surroundings there is the term kuah beulangong (belangga sauce), which is meat slaughtered in gampong, all cooked in a meunasah or in a mosque in a large belangga. There are dozens of buffets depending on the number of cattle cut. So it's not cooked at home. The community only took it after a notification from the committee. Some of the belangong soup is set aside for the other community members invited. The term beulangong broth is very popular in Aceh Besar and its surroundings.
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