Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology

Crypto asset is so absolutely no longer a safety.


![7456a1a2f405a49772fa946fa8ecb4cb.jpg]( 💧Discussing a more pertinent point, Johnson, who previously labored at Bloomberg tv and Jim Cramer’s, noted that consumers can “buy all of the XRP you need,” but it doesn’t supply token holders get entry to to “a dime” of Ripple’s income, income per percentage, dividends, hobby, and so on. The long-time entrepreneur elaborated, noting: • God forbid, if this employer were to head away, it might be a completely unhappy day for the Johnson circle of relatives (him), however it wouldn’t make a bit of a distinction to XRP. The asset continues to exist separated from Ripple. And so because of this, I think whilst the SEC takes an awesome difficult look at this, and we recognise that they’re beginning to do that work, they’re going to recognize that the crypto asset is so absolutely no longer a safety. ![images (3)_1538986056053.jpeg](
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