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what is the name of this flower.



Hii guys...greetings
Hope you respectful peoples are well by grace of almighty.Today I'm back with a another flower photography...I love all things which is existing in nature(as a nature lover)..Which flower i captured toaday i really don't know the name of this flower.It's looks so pretty and attractive.
I'm just amazed about it's beauty.I really like it's colour and shape.

It has lovely fragrance.l think flower is love for everyone.As you can see how beautiful this flower is.It's just attracted me to captured it.Almighty lord(allah) has create nature so beautifully and attractive.You can see his blessing and mercy upon us when you look at nature very deeply.He is great creator.
Thank you so much guys for be with me.Thanks for visite by blog.Hope you guys will like my photography.
These photos are captured by my smart phone.

Stay blessed guys.stay healthy.

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