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There is nothing in this world as terrible as stomach hunger.


There is nothing more terrible in this world than the hunger of the stomach, if there is no rice in the stomach then one can never find peace by lying down. We only work hard to eat three handfuls of rice in three meals, but there are many boys and girls or many people around us who cannot eat one handful of rice in one meal.

An orphan child knows the value of a handful of rice, a boy on the footpath knows the value of a handful of rice. A father of a family knows how much a handful of rice is worth, but look at how much food we waste.

 Food wastage When we eat at different restaurants, we don't eat a lot of food and leave it behind, but if we were a little aware and parceled the food and handed it over to some people standing in front of the gate, then they would have prayed for us wholeheartedly.

 They stand in front of that big restaurant for a long time to eat a handful of rice, we don't even know if they can eat it in a day. But think one thing that the creator has given us the opportunity to eat healthily, yet we waste those foods without eating them.

 There are some people in our society who do not eat as well as the person who works in their house, but the owner of the house is eating in the biggest restaurant in the city and is wasting food. If he wants, he can parcel the food that he wastes and give it to his servant. That man always prayed to the owner of that house and had respect for him.

When we eat in big hotels or restaurants, it's a shame to ask for parcels, actually it's not a shame because the food you've been wasting will probably be thrown in the dustbin. Some people eat those foods from that dustbin, but if we show a little humanity then they would not have to eat the food from that dustbin.

 A lot of food is wasted in our country every day, and many people go hungry in our country every day. If we would take some time to deliver the food that we waste daily, then they would be able to sleep peacefully.

Because there is nothing in this world as terrible as stomach hunger, there is one thing that all moneylenders hear but stomach moneylenders never listen to. If we borrow some money from a person, even if we delay in paying that money, we can take some time to tell him, but if I tell the stomach that I can't eat anything today, my stomach is very hungry, it will never listen.

 So today I will request all my friends through my post to never waste food. You can give those foods to other people if you want. When you go out to eat somewhere, you can parcel the food and bring it home or give it to some passers-by.
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