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Satsang heaven lives unsatsang destruction



Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,

Most gracious! I am starting in the name of Allah, the Most Merciful.


Hello my dear friends,

good evening,

My sincere greetings to all, and greetings, how are you all?


It used to experience terrible to look people going to showrooms and shopping for clothes for 9-10 thousand rupees consistent with month without searching at the fee tag.

It was sad to see human beings checking in at famous restaurants seven days per week.


8-9 room big residences, duplex homes, people riding with 3-4 motors used to appearance up.

But now I understand, maximum of these things are done with corruption money! Ninety% of these people are huge bribe takers, corruptors or drug dealers, in widespread, they make this profit with the aid of cheating approach.


In Bangladesh, it's miles a totally tough task to make a vehicle with the cash of the authorities process! The first 3 steps of the countrywide pay scale are difficult, until there are big own family assets. Doing business is feasible, however doing business truly is also tough.

Before journeying in an AC car, earlier than going to an expensive eating place every day, take a look at your father's profits! Find out how an awful lot his revenue is.


I recognise, so you do not remorse visiting by way of bus, you don't remorse ingesting tea in a tong shop! Eating with halal cash, that is a first rate peace. Sleep better at night

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