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Photography. An album with a few random photographs.



Assalamu Alaikum my steam friends hope you all are well. I am also fine with your prayers and God's grace. Today I am going to share with you an album of random photographs. So without further ado let's share today's post.


The flower you see above is a flower you all know. The name of the flower is Rangan flower. The flower was picked from our village park.


Above you can see the name of this crop is Kakarol. It is collected from Gangni Development Fair. The crop variety is local.


The picture of the fruit you see above is a fruit you all know. In fact, this fruit is one of my favorite fruits. The name of this fruit is dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is one of my favorite fruits. This is the image collected from where I purchased it. This dragon fruit was taken from me for 290 rupees per kg.


The crop that you can see in the question above is the crop known to all of you, the name of the crop is tomato. In fact, tomatoes are very good to eat. This image of tomato was collected from Gangni Upazila Development Fair.



The fruit you see in the picture above is a fruit you all know. The name of the fruit is coconut. This fruit tastes great when made into pita and eaten as it is. Image collected while purchasing from Gangni Bazar. Took a piece of coconut from me for 130 rupees.


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