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Random photography of nine flowers and fruits.


Alhamdulillah I am also fine with your prayers. For creativity, today I am going to share with you some known or unknown random flower and fruit photography to bring some variety to my post. I really like the pictures. Hope you will like the random flower and fruit photography.



Here I have shared a total of 9 photographs and each photograph taken here is of a very common and familiar-unknown flower and fruit. And who among you likes the photography more, you must tell by commenting.





This is the rose flower which is more or less known to everyone. Rose is called the queen of flowers. Each rose has a different meaning. And there are very few people who don't like roses. I also like rose flowers. So this rose flower. When I see it, I immediately take a photo.



This is the betel nut tree. Once upon a time, betel nut trees were seen in almost every house in the village. Although not many betel nut trees are seen now. Betel nuts are the tradition of this country. Still, in village weddings or in many events, betel nuts are entertained with betel nuts at the end of the meal. Goes. It was very nice to see the betel nut tree on the side of the road while going to the village. So I took the picture immediately.



It was very nice to see the flower of this tree on the side of the road. I saw the tree after many days. When I was a child, this tree was like a long branch. I used to play with it a lot. Of course we called it monkey stick. It was great to see the tree after so many days. And so I did photography






Two photographs are posted here. One is Kamranga flower and the other is Kamranga fruit. Once upon a time this fruit tree was seen in almost every house in the village. I liked these two scenes very much. So I took the photography immediately.





This is our most familiar papaya. Papaya is mouth-watering. It also increases appetite and keeps the stomach clean. Gas problems are also controlled if the stomach is clean. Not only that, doctors advise people who have piles problems to eat papaya. Any raw or ripe papaya is my favorite food. And so I like the sight of papaya on the tree. So I immediately photographed the papaya tree.



This is Neelkantha flower. Also known as Aparajita to many. Its flowers come especially in monsoons. Aparajita flower looks like a cow's ear, hence it is also called Gokarni. There are two types of Aparajita in the difference between white and blue flowers. But white aparajita is more beneficial. The beauty of this flower will impress anyone.




This tree is more or less familiar to you. It is a banana tree. Doesn't it look great with bananas on the tree! Actually one Rampal banana was famous in Munshiganj and all over Bangladesh. But with the evolution of time, it has been lost. Now the bananas of Rampal are not seen as before. I went to Rampal a few days ago. I like the view of the trees with bananas there. That is why I immediately started photography.
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