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Photography done in the roof garden of girlfriend's house.


I took these photographs from the roof garden of my girlfriend's house. A few days ago I went to visit my girlfriend's Mirpur D,O,SH house. My girlfriend has about 100 tubs of different plants planted on the roof of her house. He has been asking to go for a long time, but then he could not go. So last few days I went and saw that many trees have no flowers anymore. So I photographed all the flowers and plants that had flowers and I liked them. Today I will share the photography of those flowers with you. Hope you like the photographs.
First photography
Everyone knows this flower. This is jaba flower. Jaba flowers have no scent. Jawa is made of many colors. I like any white flower. This flower looked pretty in the tub, so I took a photo.
Second photography


Everyone knows this flower. It is a garden flower. These flowers are of different colors. It is more like a creeper. When the flowers bloom, you can hardly see the leaves on the trees.
Third photography


This is the crown of thorns flower. These flowers are also of different colors. But I like to see the flower of red color more. This flowering plant is thorny. This tree was full of flowers. It looked very beautiful, so I took a photo.
Fourth photography




This is the lotus leaf. My girlfriend has put it on. From that I became this tree. These days, almost all terrace gardens are planted with lotus plants by sophisticated gardeners. The leaves look pretty. Water on the leaves above it. It looked pretty. So do photography.
I hope you like today's photographs of my girlfriend's roof garden. I am ending my photography blog here today wishing everyone good health. See you again with a new post. Until then everyone stay well.
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