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Some great random photography I've taken.


First of all, my greetings and courtesy to everyone. how are you all Wishing everyone good health. Hope you all are well by God's grace. Alhamdulillah I am also fine by the grace of Allah. Today I present to you with my new blog. Some great random photography I've taken. Hope you all like it. Let's begin.



  • I like butterflies a little too much. I look fascinated when I see butterflies. In fact, anyone likes to see butterflies. Although the white butterfly is small, its body shape looks amazing. I collected the pictures while walking a few days ago.



  • I like the white flowers a bit more among the flowers. It is a vegetable flower. I sometimes forget the names of flowers. It seems to me that it is a dhundul flower. The white flowers look amazing in the green.



  • Today in the morning when I went for a walk on the roof. I took the pictures then. In fact, if you go for a walk on the roof after praying in the morning, both the mind and body will be much better. I always like to walk in the morning. Even now the sky is not clear. There is also light darkness. But it is very nice to walk in a quiet environment.



  • I caught this colorful butterfly some time ago. The butterfly was very weak. I could not see the butterflies. After that I give him some water. And put it in one place. After that he got better after a while. After that he stayed there for quite some time. After that Ure left.

    This was my plan for today. Some great random photography I've taken. We always try to give you something good. Hope you all like it. Let me know how you feel. Wishing you all cooperation. Hope you all will be with us inshallah. I said goodbye here today. I wish everyone to be well and stay healthy.

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