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Photographs of some vegetable flowers.


Dear brothers and sisters, how are you all? I hope you are well by God's grace. I too am well by the grace of God. I came to you today. Today I want to tell you about some vegetable flowers taken on my mobile. Hope you like it. You will waste your valuable time to read the entire post.





  • Cabbage is a very familiar vegetable to all of us. Barb is more common in monsoon and winter. Barab is produced in large quantities in our country. Barab is very popular as a vegetable. Barab is usually cooked with fish. Apart from that, various delicious recipes are prepared with the barab. Bharta is made with varabati. Which is most popular among mothers and sisters. Barbati flower is very beautiful. The aesthetic beauty of flowers fascinates us. The flowers are white and light pink in color.
    Photo of jute flowerIMG20230925120707.jpg


Jute leaf is well known to all of us. Usually jute is cooked with pulses and fried. Jute produces golden fibers that play an important role in economic and environmental protection. Jute leaf is very beneficial for health. There are many nutrients in jute leaves. Jute is produced at the beginning of monsoon. A large quantity of jute is available during the rainy season. Jute flowers are very small and yellow in color. Yellow flowers look very beautiful.

Photo of Jali Pumpkin Flower




Pumpkin is one of the vegetables. Jali Kumra is usually cooked with prawns and pulses. Jali kumara is produced more during the rainy season. Almost every house in the village has a lattice of pumpkins planted in it. Jali kurma is very nutritious. Jali kurma contains protein, vitamin C, fiber, calcium magnesium, etc. Jali kurma flowers are very beautiful to look at. The characteristic five-petalled flower looks great.

Photograph of Chichinga or Sacinda flower



Sacinda is a very familiar vegetable to all of us. It is more common during the rainy season. Sacinda is elongated and twisted. If you go to the raw market, you will see chichinga vegetables. Everyone loves to eat Sasinda more or less. Chichinga white flowers look very beautiful. Chichinga flower petals with white scales at night. Everyone is mesmerized by the extraordinary beauty of Chichinga flowers. Eating chichinga vegetables is very good for human body. Sacinda plays a very effective role in increasing the immune system of the human body.

Photo of cucumber flower



There is no one who does not like to eat cucumber. Everyone likes cucumber very much. No meal is complete without cucumber salad. Cucumbers are elongated in shape. Cucumber is green on top and white inside. Cucumber is very beneficial for health. Cucumbers are rich in water. Moreover, vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium potassium etc. are available. Cucumber flowers are very beautiful. The flowers are small. The five-petalled feature is the yellow color of the flower petals.

Photo of papaya flower



Papaya is well known to all of us as a vegetable and fruit. Papaya is green on the top and white on the inside when raw. Papaya is yellow in color when ripe. Papaya is well known to all of us as a raw vegetable. Papaya has many medicinal properties. Papaya is available throughout the year. We all have more or less papaya trees in our homes. Papaya flowers look very beautiful. The structure of flower petals is remarkable. The beauty of flowers catches our attention.

Photo of Kankrol flower




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