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Some happy moments.


Only those who live abroad know how difficult it is to celebrate one day of the year away from your family. Friends, today I will share with you about family members.

 The pictures you can see are my parents, aunts, and neighbors little brothers and sisters. When I celebrated Eid together at home, my younger brothers would come and ask for Eid greetings.

 After sending their pictures from Bangladesh today, I am very upset, I don't know when this day will come again in my life. But I was impressed by their love, today I realized how much they love me. Coming home, the younger brothers and sisters asked their parents when they would come home, everyone was upset when they heard this, just like I was upset.

Every foreigner wants to spend Eid with their family, but we chased the money and sent the family far away. A new day comes to us after a year, I feel very good if I can spend a year with my younger brothers, sisters, parents and relatives.

 I am also remembering the words of my parents today, my parents did not have time to talk to us today because they were waiting for their relatives to go home. A little while ago parents talked a lot with us. It feels so good to talk to my parents now, and they sent me some pictures on my phone so I'm sharing them with you today.

 Children can never forget the love of parents, no matter how far parents are, they always pray for their children. And God bless us every parent prays for their child.

 There was a lot of work at home to perform the sacrifice yesterday, so the parents ask each relative to come home today. The house was very happy with the hope of the relatives, all the relatives came and talked to us today. If I could have stayed home today, I would have had a lot of fun with them.

 And had a lot of fun hanging out with friends, missing my parents and missing my friends. They also miss me a lot today because I used to fly around with them like a bird, but our life never goes by illusion. If there is no money in life, no one will stand by us today, we have become far away.
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