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Three very beautiful flower photography along with a beautiful insect photography.


I hope you like the photography of a beautiful flower with a beautiful insect. Today I was going to the room to work. When I went to the room, I saw a beautiful flower sitting on top of a beautiful white and yellow flower, so I took out my mobile phone and immediately took several pictures to share with you today.

 Next to it, I saw the flower of Kalmi tree. Kalmi is a vegetable. I like to eat Kalmi very much. I like Kalmi vegetables. Friends, so I thought, let's take some flower photography. Today, I will share those flowers with you. And above these white and yellow flowers, The insect was sitting, looking like a yellow insect, but it was very beautiful.

 We rarely see such a beautiful sight on our way through life because insect spiders are rarely seen around us. Insects are seen a lot but we rarely see them sitting on the flowers for a long time. When we go to photograph the insects on these flowers, the insects fly away for which we cannot photograph the insects.

 Today my forehead was good and I suddenly saw that I thought of flower photography with this insect so I feel very good and the scene is beautiful among you I am more happy to share it with you and truth I am very happy.

 Actually for few days now I have been roaming around with my mobile phone to take some insect photography but when I want to take a picture the insect flies so I can't do insect photography but today I saw the insect Shoho flower and it's really good to capture its photography. It was great to be able to do it.

 Thank you all for being with me guys will talk about another new topic today is ending here for my next attraction but you will wait and always be by my side today ends here.

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