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My pet cat is Tommy.


I will share my Tommy's photography with you today. My tommy has become so mischievous now that I'm not home and he's walking around like he does. He is moving around. Hello friends assalamu alaikum how are you all hope you all are doing very well and healthy. Friends, today I will introduce you to my pet cat Tommy.

 I love this cat so much and I used to take this Tommy for walks. I miss him so much now. I can't wait to ride him. In fact, when we love one thing, nothing feels good without him. I also don't want to spend a day without this pet of mine. I feel so much for him that makes me cry. I love him so much.

 I miss him a lot now my parents take care of him my parents send his pictures on Facebook I can share those pictures with you I express my sorrow seeing his picture and share those sorrows with you I hope you Be by my side in times of sorrow.

  We have some memories. Those memories are far away. Tick is like me. I remember Tommy a lot. Tommy is doing a lot of mischief at home with my parents. They told me. And my parents love Tommy very much.

 Guys today I share with you my dear Tommy sharing some of his words. Thanks everyone for being with me. Ending here today with another new topic and I'll be back again with my photography of Tommy and some words about Tommy.
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