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I captured the green flower from my own mobile.


I am here again today with the photography of green flowers. This green vegetable is cultivated a lot in our Bangladesh. People in Bangladesh like this vegetable a lot. To tell the truth, I also like this vegetable very much. I also love to eat this vegetable. I went to a place and saw that a man from Bangladesh had planted a kind of vegetable there. From a distance, I could not understand it well. So I took several pictures of those flowers to share with you today.

 Hello friends how are you all I hope you all are doing very very very very well so you have seen my post and with your prayers I am also very well so I am able to share a new photography post with you guys today you must understand what I am talking about. I have come to tell you so without further ado let's get to the point.

 This green vegetable we have seen many people and we know this vegetable from among my friends many people like this vegetable from China and many likes. Actually when we want to know something about farming we come to know different kinds of things which we always like to know and when we know one thing we need to know the whole thing.

This vegetable is grown in a dry place and must be watered, but if there is water all the time, then this vegetable plant dies. When it needs water, it needs to be watered. More than that, if there is too much water at the root of this vegetable plant, then the plants will definitely die. The plants should be kept clean and they should be properly cared for.

 I saw that when I used to go to the field in Bangladesh, many people have earned a lot of money by cultivating different types of vegetables. Of course, we know that if you work hard, the result of hard work is always good, so they also worked hard. They also got something good. Maybe I have already told some of you, so I will not share more with you today. I will end here. Thank you all for being with me and I will come back to you again with something new, so this is the end of today.
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