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There is a lot of benefit in using cannabis like quantity



***In Bangladesh, marijuana is considered as a drug. However, in ancient times, marijuana was used in various treatments. However, if cannabis infections, or if the addiction goes to excessive levels, it can bring disaster to life.*** ![marijuana-2174302_1280.jpg]( [Img src]( *However, researchers say the amount of marijuana as a drug or a lot of benefits.* ***★Use of epilepsy*** *If you take marijuana in a certain amount, you can stay away from epilepsy nervous diseases. This is what researchers from the United States of Virginia Commonwealth University researched. Their research was published in 2013, in Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.* ![marijuana-3678222_1280.jpg]( [Img src]( ***★Benefits of glaucoma*** *About 10 years ago this was known. The National Eye Institute of the United States says glucoma is a disease that causes blindness. But marijuana helps to prevent glaucoma.* ***★Alzheimer's disease*** *Gonorrhea protects the brain from rapidly getting disabling. The Journal of Algheimer's Disease.* ![cannabis-2152605_1280.jpg]( [Img src]( ***★Use of cancer treatment*** *In 2015 Cancer Cancer website Cancer Cancer has reported that marijuana plays a role in preventing tumor risk.* ***★Reduces the risk of chemotherapy*** *Cancer patients have to take chemotherapy in many cases. In this case, marijuana reduces the side effects of chemotherapy. It also reduces the loss of chemotherapy. This information is told by the US Agency for Drug.* ![marijuana-3065612_1280.jpg]( [Img src]( ***★Reduce the risk of stroke*** *The University of Nottingham said that the marijuana helps keep the brain healthy. As a result, the risk of stroke decreases.* Follow me & upvote my content if you like ***Thank you***
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