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The second marriage is compulsory for boys in that village!



Polygamy tradition has decreased long ago. But there are still areas in the world where there are many areas where compulsory to get married. Similarly, a small village of Derasar in Rajasthan, near the border of India and Pakistan. It is compulsory for every man to marry two men in this village. Image source - [Click Here]( About 600 people live in this small village in Barmh district. There are 70 family members. The people of Muslim-dominated villages demanded that they have done this work after generations. The boys are forced to say that the second marriage is made by the boys. Villagers claim that none of the people who got married before the village would have had the first wife's child. So there was a second marriage. The second wife would have children in her womb. The villagers have been following this tradition since time immemorial. Many people say that the first wife fails to give birth, so they are happy to get married for the second time. Experts say it is nothing except prejudice. [My pPost](
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