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Krishna, whom you are talking about, is an insult to Rudhir, who is neither black nor black, but also the same life.



![Screenshot_1.png]( High contrast is the makers of all. There is no hand behind highly contrasting. It is the desire of the Creator. So they are moronic to affront their carelessness. Sometime in the past blacks were dealt with like creatures. They didn't have a direction to cast a ballot, couldn't take high positions, couldn't take advanced education, couldn't sit at a similar table with Saddam. Yet, in present-day society, individuals are not oppressed in light of dark skin and white skin. The blacks have now involved the most elevated status of the world. His splendid model is the United States dark President Barack Hussein Obama, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Also, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson, be that as it may, got the best position in the world. It is irrational to affront the carelessness of dark individuals. Their blood, just as the body, is actually equivalent to the white man. Each individual should be checked by his activities. The individuals who perform incredible deeds, regardless of whether white or dark, isn't the primary concern. Actually, white and dark have a similar circulatory system on everybody's body. A similar kind of life exists between the two.
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