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Do not be afraid, listen to the way of life, do not be afraid, do not fear, and you will not die, there is no dearth of its loss.



![Screenshot_2.png]( Individuals are conceived on the planet and pass on after a specific time. No one recalls that him after the passing of the man. The season of birth and passing of individuals on the planet is essential. Since the karma of this time makes his personality obvious. Individuals endeavor to actualize their fantasies through numerous impediments throughout everyday life. Their intercessions to keep this hindrance are composed, and the activity is seen. So as to satisfy the objective, somebody picks corrupt ways. Being caught up in extravagance, they turn into the most egotistical. Amid life, they are distinguished as contempt on the planet. They are abhorred both throughout everyday life and in death. Then again, the individuals who work truly, surrender themselves for human welfare, they get put on the superb history page. The general population who have relinquished their lives on the planet for a long time have been Great man. These extraordinary successes have beaten all feelings of dread, impediments, and have defeated demise. The way appeared by them has pushed the haziness far from the obscurity. They have been working with unequivocal personalities for human freedom. The commitment of individuals like Che Guevara, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, will be composed perpetually on earth, for their benevolence. These greats showed up in the section of the emergency, it will occur later on. Social work can change a tad of the welfare of the general population and the overall population life of the overall population. The individuals who can surrender their feelings of dread by relinquishing every one of the obstructions and surrendering the courage, the individuals who can give a total life to the visually impaired, are the pioneers of the progress.
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