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...The world will never be destroyed for bad deeds...??


How are you all? I hope you are well. As usual, I came to you again to discuss some new things, Mamun. I will discuss in this post.


  In fact, no matter how beautiful our beautiful world is, no matter how many animals live around it, there are animals on one side and human beings on the other side. In fact, what I mean is that we have been able to make our beautiful world beautiful.


  I don't think it's because you or I or anyone else is responsible for the way we give this world our ugly place.


  One thing is that one believes that our world will not be destroyed only for bad people. It will not be destroyed only for bad people. It will be destroyed for those who have seen bad things and have not protested. There is talk of protesting wherever you see injustice.


  The thing that makes you feel bad is the thing that makes you feel bad. Try as much as you can to see if the person in front of you will try to make the thing look good.


  So the great people and the great sages have forgotten that the world will never be destroyed for evil deeds, the world will be destroyed only for those who have tolerated evil and indulged.


  I don't think you will let it happen so we as the greatest creatures in the world obey the great God who sent us to this world so beautifully and with so much suffering. He taught us what is bad, what is bad, what is good, what is good. .


  And we make our daily lives more beautiful and help people by using them well. If you can help someone who is helpless, do it on your behalf.



  So let's all come together and make our beautiful world more beautiful.

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