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Many things in the world are not permanent, such as the problems of our daily life....


Good afternoon friends, how are you all? I hope you are all very well. Again, I am Mamun.


 Hope you like it you know I always try to collect as much as I know from other places to serve it as my own so be it or in my own language in another language.


 In fact, the thing that I have discussed in my video today is that nothing in our world is as permanent as the problems of our daily lives.


 Well, you may all know that there is nothing permanent in our world, but why not say wealth, say problem, happiness, it is not a permanent tie.


 So I can't understand why there is so much arrogance, why there are so many fights, why there are so many robberies.


 If the problem is not permanent, then there is a need to think about it. If there is no problem, then there is a need to worry so much about what is the problem.


 So friends, I have discussed these issues in my own language in the video, I hope you will like it




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>I am Md. Mamun, Bangladeshi. However, due to work, I am currently living in Malaysia as an expatriate. I express my feelings through writing and share my experiences through video. But I love to sing, so I sing in my spare time. Love to make friends. Love and try to enjoy life.



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