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Let's try to sign duet bangla song....


How are you? I hope you are all well. The video of the song that I will give you today with the youtube link will be really liked by you.


I always post my music videos on these two platforms

   @threespeak & @dtube You can also watch from there if you want


The original vlog post in hive....


 In fact, music is a thing that you don't have to sing. When you get some free time without knowing it, you are humming automatically. In fact, music is such a thing. I can sing to the beat, so I sing there at different times. I sing according to the languages ​​you know.


 And I know my friends like my song fairly well and don't wear it at all, but I may not be able to sing like the original artist, but I can wear it as much as I can. That is through reesthreespeak but today I am writing a blog post for which I have to upload another video of the song on youtube and then I thought of writing a blog post with this song



 So those w

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