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If you do anything from the heart with self-assessment, it will always get respect


Hello friends, how are you all? I wish you all the best and I wish you all the best. I came up with a new post for you today and of course here I will share with you some important things that match the current society and the current one. What I am going to share with you today is that the main theme of the story is 


### self-evaluation. 



*One day a little boy went to the local drug store and pulled out a box to reach the store's telephone. Then he got up on the box and took the telephone in his hand and dialed a number.*

The shopkeeper noticed the incident and tried to listen to the conversation

Sir, can you give me the job of mowing the lawn in your garden?

 from the other side of the phone) There is already an employee to cut the grass in the garden.

Sir, I will cut the grass in your garden at half the price.

Now that I cut the grass in my garden, I am very satisfied with her work.

with more sincerity Sir, I'll sweep your yard and around the house. As a result you will get the most tidy house on weekends.

Woman: Stay, thank you.

So what you understand this little boy



With a smile of satisfaction on his face, the boy hung up the telephone. The shopkeeper, who was watching the incident, quickly rushed to the boy.

Dad, I really like your point of view; I like your positive attitude and I want to give you a job.

Boy Stay, thank you.

Shopkeeper But you were trying very hard to get the job.

Boy: No sir, I was just evaluating how well my work was going. I am the man who works in that woman's garden.


Actually, responsibility is a thing. If someone is good to you on a subject and you understand very easily how to test that belief, then there are people in our society who are a little happy and they have to respect people.  It depends on you how you feel about people's grief and how they work or how they present their work to people and why people love them so much. If you do anything with your mind, you can do the same.


This is called self-assessment, which encourages you to carry out your responsibilities properly and shows your weaknesses.









> **Hello friends, how are you all? I am Mamun and I am a Bangladeshi and I have been in this online world for several days now and I try to do something on my own so that I can be self reliant and learn something new.**


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