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I bought another new coin from Binance


Good morning friends how are you all i hope you are well in fact today i will try to sort out my post on this topic i bought another new coin from binary last two days hall i actually think this coin i can make profit i have some dollars I bought it for #scrt 28 coins with $62 but it has gone up to $76 in two days today.


 One thing I noticed is that this coin has a good effect and a lot of buying is going on, so I didn't hesitate. I thought I'd buy a few coins and if there's any profit, you can see the proof in this place.


You can also buy if you want but I think you will benefit from it


 In fact, there is no guarantee as to when the price of a coin will rise again. I have told you many times in the last two months that I will discuss cryptocurrency from now on and I will try to enter the crypto world. I think I have entered it and tried something new. Coins to add to my wallet!


All coins I buy


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