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Sunday is the first working day of the week, some activities of this day


Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Hello friends how are you all? Hope you all are very well and healthy, I am also very well with your prayers and God's grace.
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Today is Sunday, the first working day of the week, after two days off on Friday and Saturday, I have to go to work on Sunday, after two days off, I feel a little reluctant to go to work on Sunday. It feels good, I get the courage to work again, after a little retirement I can start working again. On the first day of the week there is more interest in work.

I wake up this morning after Fajr prayer and sleep again, I reach madrasa every morning at nine o'clock, but today I wake up late, wake up and have breakfast by the time it is nine o'clock, I leave home at nine o'clock, nine o'clock. Reached the madrasa in thirty minutes, went to the madrasa and saw all the teachers had come but I was late, after a few days I went to the madrasa today.

I was sick for four days and had two days off on Friday and Saturday, I didn't go to Madrasa for six days, today when I went to Madrasa after six days, it felt like I came to Madrasa after a long time, the teachers of Madrasa checked my body, since I went to Madrasa after a few days, everyone agreed. I held a small meeting, only our madrasa teachers were present in this meeting, no one else was present in this meeting.

A few decisions were taken in today's teachers' meeting, some of them being special, no teacher will be allowed to use mobile phones during Madrasa classes. Madrasa students should improve the quality of education, Madrasas should try to increase students, all teachers should be present in Madrasas before nine in the morning, Madrasas children class textbooks should be changed. All the teachers have accepted the decisions and are ready to implement them.

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Madrasah class starts after short meeting of teachers, students are very less in madrasah today, as per rules of madrasah class there is a break after first three classes, after break class starts again, and on time madrasah vacation, after vacation me and my co. Another teacher went to Pipulbaria market, I had some personal work there, finished that work and came home.

After coming home, I go to the mosque to offer Zohr prayer, I take a bath every day after coming home from madrasa, but after being sick for a few days, I am a little better today, so I did not take a bath today. I watch the cricket match between, a few days ago the ODI World Cup started, so I watch the cricket match every day.

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Thanks everyone for reading my post today.
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