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Seeing the beautiful scenery along the river Yamuna fills the soul


Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Hello friends how are you all? Hope you all are very well and healthy, I am also very well with your prayers and God's grace.

Our village is very beautiful, there is a big river flowing next to our small village, the name of the river is Yamuna, most of our village is affected by river erosion, most of our village is destroyed by Yamuna river, few areas are left, every year during monsoon, around the village Only in water, because our village is next to river Yamuna, most of the people of the village bathe in the water of the river, most of the people of the village catch different kinds of fish from the river.

Educated, uneducated, young and old people of the village catch fish in different ways from the river, some catch fish for their own consumption, some catch fish to sell in the market, there are many people whose profession is fishing and selling in the market, they catch fish throughout the year. And selling in the market, many people don't catch fish themselves but come to the river to buy fish and take that fish and sell it in the market, they are fishmongers, their main occupation is buying and selling fish.

As our house is next to the Yamuna river, we go for a walk along the river every afternoon. In the afternoon, the free air on the river side makes my mind feel good, it seems that the tiredness of the whole day is gone. Most of the people in the village go for a walk along the river every afternoon. I haven't been able to go to the riverside for a few days now due to various reasons, after a few days I went for a walk by the riverside today, I was sitting by the riverside for a long time this afternoon, the fresh air coming from the river filled me with life.

I was surprised to see something while walking along the river today. It was necessary to provide lighting at night along the river near our village. For that, some solar lights have been installed, which we call lamb lights. Some lights have been installed along the river. Those who go can stay there after dusk, and those who go fishing can fish very well by the lights, and have no fear of the dark. But today I saw that solar was stolen from a light.

After going to the riverside today, I was very surprised to see that the light that is benefiting many people was stolen? It will be dark in this place at night, there is no conscience, this light should be stolen? Later I was able to talk to many people, the solar of this light was stolen a few days ago, steps are being taken to catch the thief. I think this thief should be punished severely.

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Thanks everyone for reading my post today.
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