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You have to earn your own respect.


Power is dead but honor is immortal. The wall of power is broken one day or another, the ultimate is seen but the wall of honor remains intact. Honor never ends. Respect is a priceless thing. So everyone wants to get people's respect. No one can be found who does not want respect. Everything we do from day one is to increase or maintain our self-esteem. We all want everyone to respect us. And this honor makes us raise our heads step by step. People don't like those who don't have respect and society doesn't value them.

Why should society give value to those who do not have their own dignity and value? They are neglected in the society. On the other hand, the honorable person, the one who gets respect from everyone, is the one who leads the society from the front. Their words have value in the society.

And respect doesn't just apply to all of these. Human respect inspires itself. Makes the pillar of self-confidence stronger. Inspires good deeds. On the other hand, I have said before that persecution works inside us when it comes to getting respect. This persecution can be seen from the workplace to the family. We all dream that everyone will respect us, pay attention to our words, accept our advice. But getting respect is not an easy task. No one will respect you just like that. You also have to do something to earn respect. If you want to respect yourself, you have to learn to respect others first.

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