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You can strengthen your brain with a little practice.


Clap left fingers when you remember: Clap left fingers when you remember something. Research shows that when you strike with your left hand, the message goes to your brain, which furthers your memory. This is a great tool for remembering phone numbers. The left hand is tightened.

Learning something new before bed: -Try learning something new before going to bed at night. Try to remember what you did all day long. And yes, nothing else can replace enough sleep. The sleepless body greatly affects the power of the mind. So sleep should be fine.

You can try something new: You can try to learn something new to strengthen your brain. Research has shown that trying to learn a new job increases memory. Suppose you could make a rose out of paper. Learn to make roses with paper. You start to do something new in your home. It will increase memory.
We should always avoid depression. You will find that when the level of stress increases, your memory begins to decline. Increase the number of friends and acquaintances and build wholesome social relationships with them.

You can try to keep the brain busy at a certain time of day: -You always keep the brain busy at a certain time. Let's say every morning
Enter and subtract a few numbers or memorize your name and space for teaching boys and girls

If you make a habit of drinking water and milk every day, then these have a positive relationship with memory. Avoid fast food. Eat plenty of cow's milk and water.

Getting home from the office or work is not one way - returning home in a different way instead of the same way every day. Loneliness performs any activity that impairs brain memory. Studies have shown that returning home from the office or work in any other way improves memory.

The habit of writing down each of your tasks - An easy way to improve your memory is to do your own work, and follow it. Our brain can remember so much more when we do something by following a process. When we write down everything we have done or will do. What to do and what not to do. Or no work done or not done. He remembers it easily when he writes it all down.

Stop playing video games Play 'Brain Games' - Play Mind Games, not Video Games Watch a variety of brain game videos online. Play chess. But if you don't like it, just because you need to expand your memory, don't play brain games, don't play chess.

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